SoundZ Cool (SmartPhone -Sound manager) 1.0

soundz-coolDeveloper: AIM Software

SoundZ Cool (SmartPhone -Sound manager) is Windows Mobile Smartphones based software. Find more software solutions for Windows Mobile Smartphones and downloads in our Software section. Windows Mobile Smartphones programs are organised by software categories. offers Software Solutions for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Impress friends and family with your cool SmartPhone.

The ultimate sound theme manager for your Windows-powered Smartphone. Changing the ringtones and event sounds on your Smartphone was never that easy. With Soundz Cool you can download, upload and customize entire sound themes. Make your Smartphone sound unique!

Soundz Cool is extremely easy to use and requires no installation on your Smartphone – it runs on your desktop PC and manages all sounds from there. This makes it easier to record or edit your sounds, browse through your sound library, and doesn’t use valuable memory on your SmartPhone. Unused sounds are automatically removed to save space. Soundz Cool gives your Smartphone that very special personal touch !

BONUS: On top of the 5 included themes, 24 extra cool ringtones are included, like classic phone rings, dentist drill, helicopter, laughs, modem sounds and many more.


– Change the start up sound
– Very easy to use
– Create your own personal sound themes and share them with friends
– Load, Save and Edit themes on your desktop PC
– Upload / Download themes to and from Smartphone
– Automatic removal of unused sounds
– Browse and preview sounds before importing them into your theme
– Change event sounds you cannot normally edit directly on your SmartPhone (Menu Command, Menu Popup, Password, System Default Sound, System Start, Asterisk).
– Clear and complete help file included
– 5 themes are included: car, mechanic, sci-fi, cartoon and voice theme

– BONUS: 24 extra ringtones (dentist drill, helicopter, modem, laughs, …)

– more themes available soon !